Friday, January 26, 2018

Not the Jabbawockeez!

If you read my other blog, BeingFree, you might know I was able to see the Jabbawockeez live in Vegas in December.

I'm adding them to my What. What? list of possible sellouts to the System. I was watching YouTube videos of Jabbawockeez performances when I started to notice something.

What. What?

For those of you still reading this post, there's more than one thing that bothers me about that hand sign:
  • Even if it doesn't mean all the evil, creepy stuff I think it does, why are so many people throwing it up?

  • The Jabbas are, I believe, famous for managing to be unique in the world of dance. Following the crowd with that hand sign is not unique. 
  • If that sign isn't sinister it still is, at the least, just plain silly.
By the way, I posted about some of these signs a long time ago. I won't go into all of that here, but you can check out this page to see more photos. I'm sure it's all coincidence. 

After noticing that first little hand sign, I was willing to give the Wockeez the benefit of doubt. But I kept noticing things in their other images:


Once again, you'd think that a person might just be making a random gesture, but I have to wonder when so many different people make that same gesture:


Especially when this dude does it:

At least he doesn't try to hide his philosophy:

Or who he admires:

Of course, I can wear a WWJD t-shirt and still be a poor Christian, but you would have an idea of what I'm trying to be.

I think we get so used to hearing about and seeing these signs and symbols that we don't think about where they come from or what they mean. According to various sources, they horns symbol (Mano Cornuto) could be mistaken for the symbols used by sports fans, heavy metal fans, etc. It's also used by Wiccans to represent the horned god, and has been known as being the sign to ward off the 'evil eye'. I'm just not sure why so many people use it so often.

At any rate, I'm watching those Wockeez to see if they are originals or followers.


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